miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009


Here in Cantabria when summer heat comes, La Hermida especially Rumenes is the place to be climbing. There aren’t many routes there around 50… Umm! I can’t climb all of them in a day so I guess there are enough. Also you’ll find several stiles of climbing always over limestone within a range of difficulties from V+ to 8b+.
Reini ready to take some pictures.
I attached a few pictures that I took last weeks there so now you can figure out the place. Enjoy the summer and climb a lot! I’ll try to do the same!

Ramon climbing "La Sierra de Cazorla" & "El Torombolo"

Alex being pictured in "La Sierra de Cazorla" & Laura solving a nice 6c.

Again two pictures of the same route.
Alejandro climbing the same 6C & no- hands rest in "El Torombolo"

The Youngsters a.k.a "Yogurt-Team".

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