viernes, 30 de abril de 2010


It's been a while since I do not write any in English (neither in Spanish) so decided to start writing down these few lines…
Baltzola Cave
A few weeks ago we headed to climb outdoors in Baltzola cave. Baltzola is only driving less than an hour from where I currently living, but I must reckon that I do not go there many often, in fact I think the last time that I was climbing there was back in 2003 before moved to Edinburgh.

Fran trying "Sansón" // Quickdraws already set on 8b, 8c+, 9a, Who dares??
The cave is a well known place in sport climbing community; majority of the rotes are harder than 7c, multiple routes are above 8c and it counts with at least two 9a.

Personally I do not like too much the spot, I mean sometimes it seems that you are climbing underground in the dark, particularly the routes inside the cave, although I must emphasize that climbing there generally is excellent, routes are good quality, especially if you like endless endurance routes with loads of roof climbing moves. I guess, could resume that Baltzola is not about the place it is about just climbing and it may be very enjoyable.

During on our visit we climbed “A muerte” and fortunately some rotues were sent others not. Definitively we have to come back and better the sooner.

Looking inside the cave // On my way up to "Los Indeseables"
I attached few pictures of that day and a little video edited by Ruben where he appears sending one of his projects.

Erdiko Kalea, 7c+ from Rubén Fernández on Vimeo.

Now, looking backwards I say to myself that it’s a good idea if I train some endurance first.